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    8 signs of low testosterone and how to counter it

    8 signs of low testosterone and how to counter it Grakcu Capsules

    8 Warning Signs Low  Testosterone Testosterone is the male sex hormone. 

    Made from the testes (Testis), testosterone stimulates the production of sperm (sperm) and stimulates sexual arousal, it also stimulates muscle building. 

    And bones as well As men get older, their testosterone levels drop. If it is too low, it will begin to show symptoms that are often mistaken for these symptoms as common in older people.

    Low testosterone is diagnosed by testing blood testosterone levels below 300 nanograms per deciliter (300 ng / dL). Testosterone in men is called menopause. Which is comparable to menopause in women The difference is that in women when it reaches menopause. There will be a decrease in sex hormone levels. Or estrogen quickly, but the decrease in male sex hormones or testosterone is gradually reduced, so men may not have any symptoms. But if the male testosterone drops faster than it should, the symptoms of low testosterone will appear.


    1. Decreased sexual arousal

    Testosterone is a sex hormone. That controls sexual desire As men get older, most men have varying degrees of decreased sex drive. If testosterone levels are very low, sex drive will significantly decrease. Which is often felt by oneself or a sexual partner In addition to the reduced demand. Lower testosterone can affect men. It is also more difficult to achieve orgasms.


    2. The penis does not erect fully.

    In addition to the hormone testosterone controls sexual desire then. Testosterone also has an effect on male erection. Where testosterone is going to affect the brain Stimulate the brain to command the body to make nitric oxide. (Chemicals in the body that help make the penis erection), which, if low testosterone levels It will result in making an erection more difficult. In addition, many of the erectile dysfunction diseases are associated with low testosterone such as obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis. (Atherosclerosis)


    3. Less seamen quantity

    The seminal fluid serves to help the ejaculated sperm move better. By which this semen It will ejaculate with the sperm when the male reaches orgasm. Which testosterone It serves to control the amount of semen as well. A drop in testosterone will also cause a decrease in the seminal fluid. This can be observed from the ejaculation of semen when the orgasm is reduced.


    4. Hair loss

    Besides the matter of sex Testosterone also regulates many functions in the body, including hair and hair formation, although baldness can be found in men as they age. But if the testosterone level is very low, there will be more symptoms of hair loss and hair loss than normal.


    5. Feeling tired

    Low testosterone can cause you to feel tired all the time. Even though getting enough sleep is possible Additionally, men with low testosterone problems lack motivation. It is also difficult to urge to exercise.


    6. Decreased muscle strength

    This is because testosterone is a hormone that helps build muscles. In men, low testosterone causes their muscles to shrink in size and power. Only the muscles, arms, legs, chest and exercises to strengthen the muscles back to the same. It is difficult for men with low testosterone. An increase in excess fat Not only was the muscle mass decreased in men who had already lowered testosterone. The accumulation of excess fat in the body is also what makes the male body look worse. At present, the process of increasing excess fat in men with Significantly lower testosterone. But research has found that genes that control the amount of fat in the body play a role in the reduction of Testosterone levels in the body


    7.Thin bones

    Testosterone Resulting in bone density or strength building Osteoporosis, which if it is very severe, is called osteoporosis. The disease is more common in women than in men. The male and female sex hormones affect bone density and strength. However, as women experience a rapid drop in hormone levels when they go into menopause, unlike males, it is found that osteoporosis or osteoporosis is very common in women. But men who get very old and have low testosterone levels also suffer from thinning bones or osteoporosis.


    8. Mood swings

    Both men and women can experience mood swings for both. From a decrease in sex hormones Because testosterone in the male sex is like a tank of help. It is a source of energy to stimulate various body activities, including emotional, so when testosterone is lower This will make these men have problems, depression, easily irritated, unable to concentrate.

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