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    The best product for Sport related Injury

    Sports is an energy-intensive activity. It requires the perfect coordination of muscles, bones, and the brain. Many times, while training ourselves to overcome more demanding challenges, we hit a roadblock- pain.
    Objectively speaking, pain is a good feeling. It tells you that your body is not stagnant and that it is growing and working. But sometimes, the pain can be too much. It might interfere with your productivity if not taken care of. At such times, it becomes difficult to zero in on one method of relieving pain.
    Below are some of the most effective products that help you relieve pain and perform at your best.

    1.   Namman Muay (oil)

    Namman Muay (the same as Muay Thai) is a well known brand that people usually use before participating in a fighting sport. It warms the muscles from the inside out, allowing them to perform at their peak.

    Namman Muay - Muscle Pain Reliever

    It's also recognized for its anti-arthritic and anti-rheumatic pain-relieving qualities. People use this massage gel to warm up their muscles before a fight, alleviate pain and relax tight muscles after the performance. If you have sprains or pulls, Namman Muay oil is one of the most effective external pain relief and relaxation treatments.

    2.   Tiger Balm (gel)

    In the world of pain relievers, Tiger Balm is one of the most renowned brands. It is believed to have been invented by a man of Chinese descent who thought that pain relievers should be available to everyone, regardless of caste, creed, or financial means.

    Tiger Balm (10g)

    Its origins can be traced back to Chinese medicine. It has also been proven to be useful in the treatment of respiratory problems, headaches, and muscular discomfort. This is why there are so many different ways to use it.
    Simply apply a small amount of the gel to the afflicted region and leave it alone to reduce severe muscle and joint discomfort. Allow the oils to sink in and offer relief from headachesThe active ingredients of the gel (mint, cloves, camphor, essential oils of cajeput, etc.) seep into the skin and work wonders in relieving pain from inflamed muscles.
    For respiratory problems (flu and cold), just apply a little gel under the nostrils and breathe. This will clear the airways and allow you to breathe easier. The oils of Cajeput are also quite well known for their effectiveness in fighting respiratory diseases.
    For severe headaches, take a dab of the gel, apply it to the required area, and gently massage it around that area. This will allow the oils to seep in and provide comfort.

    3.   Tiger Balm Anti Pain/ Anti Dolor Patch

    For people who require instant relief from pain, patches are a good way of doing so. Tiger Balm anti-pain patches work similarly to its gels and ointments. It contains an activated form of the gel on a sticky patch (that is skin-friendly) and, when applied, quickly seeps into the skin to stimulate blood circulation and speed up the natural healing process.
    It is meant for external use and is only helpful for muscle and joint pains (including, but not limited to, fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, muscle and joint pains, cramps, and sprains). The usage of the patch is also relatively easy. All you need to do is peel off the protective film covering the patch and dispose of it. After that, apply the patch on the affected area, and wait for its quick action to bring relief.


    TIGER BALM Anti pain / anti dolor Patch (Cold)
    It should also be noted that these patches come in two types- hot and cold. This refers to the sensation you feel after applying the patch, and both the types are virtually the same, differing only in the sensations they induce.

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