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    The best products from Thailand in 2021

    TIGER BALM Anti pain / anti dolor Patch (Cold)
    Thailand is known for its natural products that help maintain your youth and energy. A trip to Thailand is nothing short of natural cleansing. Thus, it is no surprise that Thailand supplies the world with their highly sought-after medicinal gels and ointments. But what are these products, and how effective are they? Let us take a close look at some of them.

    1.   Tiger Balm (gel)

    Tiger Balm is a renowned brand in the world of pain relievers. It is believed that it was created by an Asian man (of Chinese descent) who thought that pain relievers should be accessible by anyone, irrespective of their caste, creed, or financial capabilities.
    It traces its roots back to Chinese medicine. It is also found to be quite effective against respiratory ailments, headaches, and muscle pains. This is why it can be applied in a variety of ways.
    To relieve painful muscle and joint pain, just apply a bit of the gel on the affected area and leave it. The gel's active ingredients (mint, cloves, camphor, cajeput essential oils, among others) permeate the skin and work wonders in relieving pain from inflamed muscles.


    Tiger Balm (10g)
    For respiratory issues like cold and flu, simply apply a small amount of gel under the nostrils and breathe in. This will open up your airways and make it easier to breathe. The oils of Cajeput are also well-known for their ability to treat respiratory illnesses.
    Take a dab of the gel and gently massage it around the affected region if you have a severe headache. This will allow the oils to penetrate the skin and offer relief from headaches.

    2.   Namman Muay (oil)

    Namman muay is a popular massage gel/oil that people generally apply on their bodies before combat sports. It heats the muscles from the inside and allows them to function at their very best.


     Namman Muay - Muscle Pain Reliever
     Additionally, it is also known for its arthritis and rheumatic pain-relieving properties. This oil is applied before fights since it heats their muscles. Moreover, it  helps relieve pain and loosen clenched muscles after the fight. If you suffer from sprains or pulls, the Namman Muay oil is one of the best external remedies to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

    3.   Ya Dom (nasal inhaler)

    Nasal inhaler are one of the best ways of transferring respiratory medicines directly to the affected area. Hence, it is no wonder that the Ya Dom  inhaler (by Poy - Sian) is a massive hit amongst the Thai community.

    Ya Dom - Nasal Inhaler (5pcs)

    The nasal inhaler is compact but packs a ton of medicinal properties. It helps sick people with blocked noses breathe easier. While it is targeted at people suffering from ailments, healthy people can use it to maintain the peak performance of the respiratory system.


    4.   Namman Muay (cream)

    Namman Muay is a popular brand in Thailand. It is for those combatants who wish to build their energy up before a performance. Moreover, it also provides pain relief after a performance.

    Namman Muay - relieve muscle pain (100g)

    5.   TIGER BALM Anti pain / anti dolor Patch (Cold)

    It heats the muscles from the inside and provides near-instant pain relief. It can also be used for sports other than fighting, as is evident by its prevalent use in Thailand.


     TIGER BALM Anti pain / anti dolor Patch (Cold)
    All you need to do is peel the protective film, apply the plaster to the affected area, and wait for it to work its magic. It is to be applied only to external locations and is exceptional in controlling muscle and joint pain, neck and shoulder fatigue, etc.

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